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Why was Help for Care set up?

Kerry Rowlatt has worked in Social Care since 1995.  This includes working in care homes, community teams and hospital settings.  Kerry has seen that there is a huge gap in support for people who fund their own care so, in 2012, Kerry left working for Social Services to set up on her own.

Social Services have a duty to assess but have limited time and resources to support people who fund their own care. 

However, it doesn’t matter how your care and support is funded, you still go through the same uncertainty and stress but have to find a way through it on your own.

                                             * This isn’t an easy task *

We're not there to take decisions away but to give you all the information you need to make those decisions for yourself.

Sometimes, when people are funded through Social Services, having Independent advice and support can be vital to ensure that a person's best interest remain at the heart of the care management process.

"Employing someone privately to support you means that you stay fully in control, and can have ongoing advocacy and reviews for as long as you want to".

Help for Care is based in Herefordshire but can offer support to surrounding Counties and beyond.  Please contact to see if we can provide support in your area.